Thursday, April 19, 2007

Phenomenal Flamenco in FlynnSpace

Box Office Agent Chaim Rochester posts about flamenco guitar master Juan Carmona's performance on Friday, April 13.

Carmona was amazing. The music was beautiful, and the dancing percussionist [Manuel Gutierrez]? Out of this world. I mean, I'm sure there are better "dancers" out there, but it just completed the whole "We're a badass pack of brazen Spaniards" image so perfectly.

As a musician myself, I was mesmerized by Carmona's seemingly effortless execution of technique, and impressed with his humble demeanor. A true master and clearly the leader of the group, he was also duly respectful of the form and allowed the other members to shine. The smoky impassioned vocals, spirited flute playing, and subtle anchor of the bass were all thouroughly complementary of one another, while underneath it all the percussion kept a smooth, lively rhythm that tied it all together.

I've had an interest and appreciation for flamenco since discovering my mother's old Carlos Montoya albums as a child and have seen live performances on several occasions. This was by far one of the most riveting, and I surely hope to see Carmona return to The Flynn in the future.

photograph of Juan Carmona is courtesy of the artist

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