Friday, April 13, 2007

The Sprout and the Bean

posted by Flynn N.A.S.A. grant artist Selene Colburn, writing about her work-in-progress, The History of the Future Suite

I spent last night working on some gestural phrases for the group and/or solo work. I like that there already seems to be a lot of overlap. I’m quite curious about what it looks like when a large group of people execute a very minimalist set of physical tasks and eager to play with that this weekend. How small is too small? How will the volume of bodies and the potency of unison offset the subtlety of a brief set of very simple movements confined to the hands?

I’m sure there is a parallel in visual art to this. Robert Smithson comes to mind (very simple concept, grand execution), but perhaps a better example would be someone who works in multiples. Michal Rovner? Carl Andre (who I hesitate to mention because of my love of Ana Mendieta, but the shoe does fit)?

Also, if you’re going to make gestural work, there’s no better mood music than Joanna Newsom. Talk about tiny but huge.

On further reflection Vanessa Beecroft, for whom I do confess a certain fascination, comes to mind, but I will not make anyone wear a thong. I promise you that!

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